Gallo Center for the Arts


2007 to present. I designed & developed their main website, repertory site, and other web-based media projects over the years. The website features an ASP.NET platform that ties into a CRM database called Tessitura which stores patron data, ticketing, and all events details information.

I also maintain the events area of the Tessitura db as well the SharePoint intranet. I developed e-marketing campaigns, track metrics and analysis with Google GA, and manage the mobile GCA apps (My Tickets Mobile) that features e-tickets using QR Code and n-scan technology. I also created TV video spots for Comcast / Uverse and manage software for a large 20x30 foot LED billboard sign on the exterior of the building that runs full color advertisements.

Some other projects I worked on were Print-At-Home tickets, e-Tickets, numerous secure web contact forms. Apart from using the core development technologies, I have worked with many other 3rd party services and integrations as needed including Acuity Scheduling (Donor appointment bookings), TextMarks (an SMS text messaging service for leads and donations).