E-Marketing Campaign Management



Since the Gallo Center opened in 2007 and at MedicAlert I spearheaded very effective E-Marketing campaign solutions that were not only cost effective, but resulted in a great ROI. Using 3rd party email services and custom e-blast design, the initial list of opt-ins quadrupled in a year at the Gallo Center.

Using tracking links I can easily reference visitation metrics and sales information with analytics (GA). Tracking is a must to effectively analyze user funneling discovering what works and what doesn't.

I also set up Google Tag Manager for the ease of maintenance, and integration of 3rd party conversion pixel scripts when needed. GTM makes it easy to remove the campaign when done!

At MedicAlert I managed the Google AdWords PPC platform to create banner ads and advertise over content networks. The result was not only an ROI but an increase in membership. This helped offset the attrition rate at which members lapsed from their annual renewals.