Actor Daniel Zacapa


Personal site for actor Daniel Zacapa. Daniel co-starred in ABC's The River, and various movies and TV shows over the years.

The XML-based data storage made it lightweight and load very fast. Featured are his video reel, a simple blog, photo gallery, contact and refer forms.


I designed & developed this site in 2008. When I designed the layout for this CMS I didn't use design templates already created, like some designers do, and then just upload pictures and type in page body text (Think of Wordpress or 1&1, bleh!). I created the custom design for this from scratch in Photoshop and retrofitted the artwork elements into the ASP.NET source code solution locally, then uploaded all the files to the host. This .NET & XML-based format made the solution very portable and can run in a medium-trust hosting environment without the need for an additional MS SQL db supported hosting account. (However, MS SQL hosting is much cheaper these days!)